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Content management systems, like WordPress, tend to have easily exploitable vulnerabilities that make them a target for hackers.

Webservio engineers have created a hosting environment specifically designed to protect WordPress sites. Our Premium Shared Hosting uses Intrusion Detection Protection (IDP) to scan web traffic for malicious patterns and attacks. When threats are detected, the IDP system blocks the connection attempt so that your website is protected. In addition, IDP will pickup on any suspicious outbound traffic, ensuring fast detection if a website has already been hacked.

Many people do not even realize their site has been compromised until it is too late. IDP allows you to have peace of mind knowing your site is safeguarded against the latest threats.

Most shared hosting environments have hundreds of sites all in one root level directory of the server. Our Premium Shared environment uses virtualization technology to create separate partitions on the server. Each partition is dedicated to a different type of website, so WordPress websites are only grouped with other WordPress sites. This arrangement improves security and means you are sharing space with fewer people.

Another significant security benefit to Premium Shared Hosting is the separation of email and web traffic. The system includes web servers behind IDP and email servers behind a firewall. Separating email and website functions ensures that if there is an issue with your website, it will not affect your email and vice versa. This setup also helps protect IP reputation. 

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Easiest WordPress Hosting


  • Hosted in our Knoxville data facility, which is held to strict security standards
  • Email and Web functions on separate servers
  • Virtualization technology used to separate sites using different platforms
  • Security appliances in cluster configuration
  • Redundant switching
  • Servers equipped with dual power supplies
  • Number of open ports minimized to only what is essential
  • No control panels (ex: cPanel, Plesk)
  • 99.99% Uptime


  • Four name server records will be provided to enter with your domain registrar


  • A Webservio engineer will do the following:
    • Move your website files to the new hosting environment
    • Install WordPress (or a content management system of your choice)
    • Configure firewall and IDP rules
    • Create basic DNS entries (MX and A records) within Webservio DNS
    • Create one administrative email account (the administrator may then add additional users)
  • Optional web maintenance packages available
  • Improve your website's search engine ranking with our SEO package
  • 24/7 E-mail and Ticket Support
  • Live Chat Support Available during business hours
  • Extended provisioning is available to help with tasks such as adding email users, custom DNS configuration, resolution of broken website code or version conflicts.

WordPress is a trademark of Free Software Foundation, Inc. Infinity Hosting Solutions llc is not affiliated with or endorsed by the WordPress Project or its trademark owners.

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