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Prices start as low as $7.95/year for 10 Users

Protect your email infrastructure. Email filtering stands between the email servers and the Internet, acting as a gateway that protects your users and infrastructure from email threats like spam and viruses. 

How it Works

How Spam Filtering WorksSpamWeeder Premium email filtering service evaluates each and every email message to make a determination as to whether the content of the message is legitimate and wanted, or contains spam, phishing attacks or a virus payload. If the message is deemed legitimate, it is delivered to the recipient's email inbox. If the message is deemed spam, the spam is delivered to a web-based spam quarantine where the recipient can periodically log in to view and review messages flagged as spam. If a message contains a virus, it is simply discarded, protecting your users from infection. SpamWeeder Premium is sold in blocks starting at 10 email users.

Additional Features

SpamWeeder Premium Complete adds outbound filtering, which provides an added layer of security by scanning messages sent from your domain. Outbound spam filtering helps protect your IP reputation and can help detect spamming activity from a hacked account or infected workstation. You can also set limits on the size and extensions of attachments on outbound messages to protect your data security.

SpamWeeder Premium with MX Failover provides protection in the event of mail server downtime. If your mail server goes offline, the SpamWeeder Premium system will hold all incoming messages for up to four days. Once your mail server has been restored, the messages will automatically be delivered. If you anticipate needing failover protection for a longer period of time, view our Mail Bagging options.

How does it Compare?

SpamWeeder Premium is an excellent email security choice for businesses that need domain-wide filtering at an affordable rate. For more granular filtering, with features like user-level approve/deny lists, custom filters, and outbound policy enforcement, we recommend one of our other spam filtering services. Webservio offers multiple email security solutions from industry-leading  providers, such as McAfee, Mimecast, and Symantec. No matter what your business requirements are for email and web hosting, we are sure to have a solution that will meet and exceed your needs and expectations. Don't hesitate to give us a call toll free at 866.790.4678 to discuss the options further.


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